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September 7, 2017 | 6:17 pm

Hydrogen for heating instead of natural gas?

The U.K. is exploring switching from natural gas to hydrogen for heating and industry to achieve deep decarbonization

Energy | PICS Staff
09/07/17 | PICS Staff

Climate-risk financial disclosure a research challenge

08/02/17 | PICS Staff

World unlikely to stay within 2°C warming limit

07/20/17 | PICS Staff

Canadian firms ‘progressing slowly’ on reporting exposure to climate risk

09/07/17 | PICS Staff

Climate target gap prompts calls to ‘get serious’ about geoengineering

07/21/17 | PICS Staff

Clean up the grid. Electrify everything.

In depth

When the glaciers go: Hydroelectric vulnerability and climate change

Hydroelectricity has long been assumed to be a cornerstone of any future low-carbon economy, but disappearing glaciers are altering the equation

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.