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February 21, 2018 | 4:12 pm

BC budget unveils support for industry to prevent ‘carbon leakage’

Government proposes new clean growth incentive fund to prevent emissions-intensive production from moving overseas.

Policy | PICS Staff
02/07/18 | PICS Staff

Pipeline spat throws wrench into Alberta decarbonization

01/24/18 | PICS Staff

Researchers find limits to global soil carbon plan

02/21/18 | PICS Staff

Auditor general: BC has climate targets, but no real climate plan

02/21/18 | PICS Staff

‘Sonic scarecrows’ could protect birds from wind turbines

07/21/17 | PICS Staff

Clean up the grid. Electrify everything.

In depth

Exploring Climate Policy Options: A Conversation with Mark Jaccard

Energy economist Mark Jaccard helped design BC’s carbon tax, and he still supports it. But he questions just how politically viable a stringent tax—at the level needed to meet climate targets—can really be. So he also continues to explore how other policies that the public find more acceptable could work.

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.