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January 18, 2017 | 1:38 pm

2016 tops hottest year on record – globally and in BC

Night-time cloud cover was a major factor

Science | PICS Staff
Petra Nova carbon capture and utilization facility near Houston
01/18/17 | PICS Staff

World’s largest carbon capture project launched – and it’s already profitable

First Ministers Meeting
12/14/16 | PICS Staff

Why did BC’s premier get carbon-tax cold feet in Ottawa?

commercial sign with a giant crab
01/18/17 | PICS Staff

Warming Pacific boosting incidence of toxic shellfish

hydrogen fuel cell BMW car
11/23/16 | PICS Staff

Canada’s ‘Mid-Century Strategy’ Part II: Hydrogen no transport niche player

Christy Clark, Justin Trudeau
12/13/16 | Sybil Seitzinger

Commentary: Canada’s slow shuffle forward on climate action  

In depth

When the glaciers go: Hydroelectric vulnerability and climate change

Hydroelectricity has long been assumed to be a cornerstone of any future low-carbon economy, but disappearing glaciers are altering the equation

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.