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July 11, 2018 | 4:06 pm

As more governments consider net-zero emissions policies, scientists warn about ‘tough-nut’ sectors

Difficult-to-decarbonize sources today account for 27 per cent of global emissions, and could be equivalent to current emissions from all sources within a few years. We need to focus more on these "tough nuts," say scientists.

Policy | PICS Staff
05/16/18 | PICS Staff

Would California’s new household solar rule work in BC?

05/30/18 | PICS Staff

As BC wildfire season kicks off, what do we know about the role of climate change?

07/11/18 | PICS Staff

Adaptation to sea-level rise challenge more social and economic than technical

07/11/18 | PICS Staff

Researchers demonstrate the potential of carbon-negative hydrogen fuel

07/21/17 | PICS Staff

Clean up the grid. Electrify everything.

In depth

Can there really be carbon-neutral gasoline? A BC firm reckons it might arrive sooner rather than later

The Climate Examiner speaks to BC-based Carbon Engineering about the technology, the business and the policies that could make direct air capture, synfuels and carbon sequestration work.

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.