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The Climate Examiner scours the headlines and scientific journals for the latest climate-related developments, research and energy policy news, aiming to explain key developments and concepts that are relevant to British Columbia, the western region and Canada as a whole.

TCE is a publication of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, a four-university collaboration working with government, First Nations, industry and other stakeholders to find climate-change-related mitigation and adaptation solutions for BC and beyond.


Leigh Phillips is PICS science writer. He has written for Nature, the New Scientist, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the New Statesman and Jacobin, amongst other outlets, having spent much of the last decade in Brussels covering the EU as reporter and deputy editor with the EUobserver. He is also a published author.

Robyn Meyer is the manager for PICS communications, providing editorial oversight, planning and delivery of the Institute’s research outcomes and outreach activities. She is a multi-award winning journalist, and her former roles include chief reporter of a national news team, and press secretary to a senior government minister.

Stephanie Inman is PICS communication assistant, event coordinator and photo editor of the Climate Examiner.

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Can there really be carbon-neutral gasoline? A BC firm reckons it might arrive sooner rather than later

The Climate Examiner speaks to BC-based Carbon Engineering about the technology, the business and the policies that could make direct air capture, synfuels and carbon sequestration work.

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.