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| 10/18/17

Canada crafting mini-nuclear roadmap

With an emphasis on assuring energy security for remote communities, the federal government has given the green light to developing a small modular reactor industry

PICS Staff
10/18/17 | PICS Staff

Canada crafting mini-nuclear roadmap

09/07/17 | PICS Staff

Hydrogen for heating instead of natural gas?

08/02/17 | PICS Staff

Floating offshore wind: more power, better reliability

07/20/17 | PICS Staff

Wind turbine factory closure prompts questions about clean energy planning

solar panels
06/21/17 | PICS Staff

Wind, solar backed by gas, batteries to deliver third of all electricity by 2040

Natural gas pipelines
06/07/17 | PICS Staff

Alberta coal plants switching to gas, but biomass could be cheaper still

05/10/17 | PICS Staff

Ontario, Saskatchewan eyeing fleet of mini-nuclear for Canada

04/26/17 | PICS Staff

Feds launch national dialogue on energy future

03/15/17 | PICS Staff

BC Hydro electrification incentives aim for deep decarbonisation

Fuel rods
02/16/17 | PICS Staff

Wind and nuclear offer least emissions risk for Alberta: new research

Climate news and analysis that's relevant for you, every week.